Who we are

On two large rocks at the top of a wind swept hill in Maremma, the ancient heart of Toscana (Tuscany), sat the proud new owners of the crumbling ruins which once were Le Solane and Ramerino "What have we done?" they asked each other. "Are we crazy?"

Both built in the eighteenth century, Le Solane and Ramerino were thriving farms until they were abandoned fifty years ago, its rolling hills covered with olive trees growing strong in the brilliant Tuscan sunshine, kissed by the salt air from the Mediterranean Sea which is visible just beyond the near by hills. These lovely gray-green trees produced their abundant crop of olives, as all crops of that time, with no aid from artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides. As this Milanese couple viewed their new acquisition, they vowed to follow in the footsteps of the previous Le Solane's owners producing olives and olive oil in the old traditional way: organically grown, hand picked, and minimally processed and to offer to the Ramerino's guests the opportunity to experience real country life in the Tuscan woods.

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