Our place

The pile of rubble and the partial stone walls of the old ruins would eventually become two gracious but still rustic villas perched proudly on the original footprint. The approach to the long mountain road leading to Le Solane is lined with umbrella-like cluster pines. The view encompasses the Island of Elba , rolling lush green farmland, and gentle mountains of Toscana. The land surrounding the villa is still wild with a rare mixture of indigenous flora called "macchia mediterranea" unique to the area. Nothing but native species will ever be planted here. The groves of about four hundred olive trees are surrounded with thick woods of pines, centennial oaks and ilex. The air is rich with the aroma of growing things mixed with the subtle hint of the salt air. Because these olive trees grow close to the sea, they are refreshed with this special breeze which gives the olives and their resulting oil a particularly sweet taste. But since these groves grow on the hills at 820 feet above sea level and not the low lying areas, the olives are not threatened by the parasitic olive fly, eliminating the need to use pesticide sprays.

It is perfectly silent here except for the sound of the wind and the song of the many birds, including robins, finches and turtledoves. While enjoying a twilight walk in the olive groves one may hear a faint rustle in the brush, signaling the approach of a group of tortoises, or perhaps catch sight of other native inhabitants including foxes, badgers, deer, porcupines and storks. At night there is no ambient city light to detract from the brilliance of the blanket of stars which seems to be within easy reach. Even in the winter when the land takes on a more sombre hue, the beauty is overwhelming. No matter the season, in front of a roaring fire, or al fresco dining on the terrace, Le Solane is a perfect place in which to discover the wealth and variety of flavours of traditional Tuscan foods, such as warm crostini and wild boar sausage savoured with a glass of Monteregio, the good local red wine.

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