Le Solane extra virgin olive oil

olive_smLe Solane extra virgin olive oil is incomparable for its fruity aftertaste, and extremely low level of acidity. It is produced exclusively with olives matured on typical Tuscan olive tree varieties such as Leccino and Moraiolo, grown at 800 feet above sea level. Chemical sprays and artificial fertilizers are NEVER used! Expert hands pick the olives at exactly the perfect time before they reach the maximum level of ripeness. They are pressed (or crushed), within 48 hours, as was done in ancient Roman times and described by Lucrece in the "De Rerum Natura", to maximize the flavor. Processing at cold temperatures insures that the fresh fragrance and the organoleptic characteristics of the oil remain intact. The dates of picking and pressing are printed on the labels.

marasca_smThe bottles are dark green Tuscan "marasche" which preserve the unique bouquet and taste of this oil. Its intense green color and the fruity, grass scents are hallmarks of Le Solane olive oil. Its flavor is full and resolute but at the same time, has a certain delicacy which complements both simple and more elaborate dishes. It enhances plain cooked vegetables as well as grilled fish and meats.

Le Solane extra virgin olive oil is available in these formats:

  • 250 ml glass bottle
  • 3 litres can
  • 5 litres can
  • 500 ml glass bottle
  • 500 ml Glass Bottle – Box of 6 pieces